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The Best Power Washing Services in Sacramento

Call us for power washing in Sacramento, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, Citrus heights, or elsewhere in Placer County, El Dorado County, Sacramento County and Alameda County. We'll provide a fast, detailed quote for free, and we enjoy helping commercial and residential property owners maintain their space. From sidewalks to dumpsters and home exteriors, we have experience power washing all manner of surfaces.

Local, Insured Contractors

We are fully insured, so while we don't anticipate any injuries to our team or damage to your property, you are fully covered. We've worked with hundreds of customers in the Sacramento area to power wash, clean gutters, and install holiday lighting displays, and we have a tremendous amount of experience with all kinds of homes and properties.

Furthermore, we always treat your property with respect. We won't damage your vehicles, plants, landscaping, paint or anything else, and we'll treat your home like our own.

Experience With All Power Washing Jobs in Sacramento

Home Exterior Power Washing

We can power wash brick exteriors, stucco, vinyl siding, aluminum, and even wood siding homes, and we can adjust the PSI to accommodate for these different materials. We will never damage your home. It's amazing how nice your home can look when you remove a built-up layer of dirt, dust or grime!

Sidewalk Power Washing

From chewing gum to spilled beverages and other stains, our power washing services can make your sidewalk beautiful. Whether you manage a restaurant, want to maintain the sidewalk in your suburban community, or need to make a pedestrian area more pleasant and safe, please get in touch.

Power Washing Dumpsters

Dumpsters deteriorate quickly. If you want to reduce odors, remove unsightly stains on the ground around the dumpster, or remove spills that occur during garbage collection, please get in touch. Whether you manage a multifamily housing area or an urban area near restaurants, we are happy to keep your dumpsters clean.

Other Jobs

Beyond the usual suspects, we can also maintain parking lots, outdoor furniture, decks, fences, pools, metal awnings, commercial kitchens and more. For businesses, we can power wash storefronts, outdoor eating areas, and loading docks to make sure everything is beautiful and hygienic.

What Debris and Dirt Requires Power Washing?

Are you finding mold and mildew on your property or buildings? We can help with that. We can also help with grease, oil, and other stains that may be present on your industrial floor or driveway. There's also the regular layer of grime that accumulates on your brick, cement, sidewalk, or other surface. From grass stains to dirt, our power washing services in Sacramento can keep your property looking spotless. 

Get Your Pressure Washing Quote Today

Give us a call, or send us a picture of what you need to have cleaned. We love helping commercial and residential property owners in Sacramento, and we will provide a quick and free quote for you to review. We are also happy to get in a regular maintenance schedule, especially if you need to keep your sidewalks or dumpsters cleaned on a regular interval. Get in touch today - we look forward to hearing from you.

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