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The Best Christmas Light Installation in Folsom, CA

Add more cheer to your holiday season by calling the best Christmas light installers in Folsom, CA. We hang lights on houses, trees, shrubs, fences, and can even decorate your driveway or sidewalk, and we would love to work with you. We have years of experience helping residential and commercial property owners in Sacramento County, and we are fully insured.

Get a 15% discount by booking your installation by October of each year - get in touch for your free quote today.

The Highest Quality Christmas Light Installation in Folsom

Santa's Lights has years of experience, and we are capable of decorating any home or business. We've installed lights on ranch houses, mansions, asymmetrical contemporary homes, storefronts and even Tudor style homes, and we've never been intimidated by a particular architectural style. We also have the tools and experience to hang lights on large trees, and whether you have a classic hedge of bushes or standalone juniper bushes, we are happy to help.

About Ownership of the Lights

In order to guarantee the best possible experience, we use our own brand of commercial-grade LED lighting and decor. There is a big difference in the appearance and quality of the lights we use versus what is carried in the local stores or on Amazon. This also guarantees the customer gets free maintenance throughout the holiday season without any extra charges.

Prompt and Careful Removal of the Lights

We start removing lights the day after New Years. We work as quickly as we can while preserving your lights and protecting your property (and keeping our crew safe!), and if you have to abide by HOA rules, we will prioritize removal of your lights. Please let us know about any relevant HOA rules during our initial consultation.

Get a Quote on Christmas Light Installation in Folsom, CA Today

Don't put this off until December - do yourself a favor and get on our calendar by October of each year. You'll enjoy a 15% discount, we can guarantee that your lights will be installed on time, and you can enjoy a full holiday season of beautiful and welcoming holiday lights at your home or place of business. Get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you! Whether you live along Lake Natoma or the other side of Folsom near Riata, we are happy to help.

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